Wednesday With Friend

Yesterday I wrote about the Table Tiles Quilt-A-Long with Aby Dolinger and today I was having lunch with Aby. Who is it that said “What a difference a day makes?”. Arriving at the Dolinger home I was greeted with two doorbells. One for the house and another for the studio. What a great idea! As one would expect, Aby is knee deep in quilts – preparing for her local guild show at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens the first weekend in October. A trip to Fayetteville, NC, would not be complete without a trip to Loving Stitches. Located dangerously close to Aby’s home, the shop is large and bright and “Knot” your ordinary quilt shop. First time visitors are invited to select a knot of fabric from a cute display located at the register. The clearance area had a great fabric that will work as backings for the Stars of Valor quilts being made for our Garden Club veterans. There was a drizzling rain all day, but the sun was shining brightly in my heart.


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