Runs With Scissors

When driving anywhere near Southern Pines, NC, a stop at Linderella’s Quilt Works is an absolute must.  The shop is bright, warm and inviting; this is a quilt shop at which you will want to spend time.   Linderella was out of the shop setting up for a quilt show the day I stopped by.  Mr. Linderella was left in charge of the rotary cutter.  He was extremely pleasant and as knowledgeable as anyone when it comes to patterns, fabric choices and the latest quilting notion.  Did you know Moda produces a red rotary cutting mat and the story behind it?  He does.  Thank you to Aby Dolinger for recommending this shop, it was definitely worth the trip. Linderella 1 Linderella 2 Linderella 3 Linderella 4 Linderella 5


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