Stitching Lines


My newest favorite sewing/quilting notion is Stitching Lines.  I purchased this first package to try them out.  A package of 100 strips sells for $8.00 at Pieces & Patches Quilt Shop in Lexington, SC.  For an unknown reason, I gravitate to patterns that require a lot of half-square triangles.  How many hours have we spent drawing a line through the center and stitching 1/2″ on each side?  Stitching lines eliminates this time consuming task.  Hold them in place with your fingers; sew on the dotted line and cut on the solid line.

One of my current projects requires 96 4 1/2″ square triangles.  The 10″ paper is too long, so I cut it at 7″.  Wondering what to do with the remaining 3″ of paper reminded me of the 800 2 1/2″ square triangles I need for a scrappy Bonnie Hunter project.  Perfect!  Nothing will go to waste.

The package includes instructions for half-square triangles, flying geese and snowball corners.


I hope you will find them to be the great time-saver that I have.


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