Don’t Throw That Out!


A few weeks ago, I was the lucky recipient of a trash bag filled with fabric scraps.  If you are not a quilter, this is the equivalent of winning the lottery.   One top made from this trash bag of scraps is Mosaic Quilt (free pattern at – look under Essentials 9 collection).  Most of these fabrics are from a collection, how lucky is that?, so they work together well.  Some of the sashing fabric is from my trash bag; I did have to add some.  The quilt pattern finishes at 52″ X 52″ so I will add an additional border to enlarge it.

How lucky to run in to the donor of these scraps while shopping for border fabric at Pieces and Patches.   I think she secretly wanted her “trash” back!  This was intended as a charity quilt from the beginning and this coincidence presented an opportunity to ask where she wanted the quilt donated.  We both agreed that ‘Trash Bag Mosaic Quilt With Added Border’ will be earmarked for WJB Dorn VA Hospital.


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