I Pulled a Pineapple Out of the Trash


If you have ever “cleaned” the home of anyone who lived through The Depression, there is no doubt you filled a trash bag or two with twist ties, bakery string and aluminum foil.  Stuffing trash bags and shaking your head.

Do you remember back to your childhood when you could return a soda bottle to the local market for a 3 cent refund?  And then spend that 3 cents on three pieces of penny candy that you shared with your two best friends?

Maybe it is nostalgia that has me saving fabric scraps and repurposing them in to quilts.  Some of you may recognize the scraps in this pineapple quilt.  Many of these 1 1/2″ strips were claimed from my gifted ‘bag of fabric’ headed for the trash.

The center block of a pineapple quilt is normally cut at 2 1/2″.  My block starts with a 4 1/2″ center to include a larger picture of the cat fabric.

After finishing the sashing, border and quilting, this quilt will be given to the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter to help raise funds for the new facility they will move in to this Summer.



One thought on “I Pulled a Pineapple Out of the Trash

  1. abydolinger says:

    Oh, yes, my grandmother had a drawer full of reused and reusable plastic bread bags, tin foil and twist ties! She also saved fabric scraps in bags within easy reach of her rocking chair. She pieced lots of quilts by hand. My favorite is a queen size quilt of tiny bowties made from scraps everyone else would have thrown away. I love your Pineapple quilt, and I’m sure the animal shelter will welcome your donation!


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