The Genesis of the Gold-Dolinger Project


Reducing the 16-patch to a 9-patch

In the beginning, there were 50 16-patch blocks rescued from Goodwill by Jane Gold. These vintage blocks ended up with me. The blocks include upholstery fabrics, what looks like what was once a sheet and assorted scraps of, I’m not sure what.

I hate to waste anything. I know the woman who assembled these blocks is (was) frugal. There are six different threads used in one of her 16-patch blocks. She improvised where there was not enough matching fabric for 16 blocks.

If anyone can help with the dilemma of “What to do with this rare find?” it is Aby Dolinger.  After a couple of emails and looking back at her blog post on “Connie’s Quilt Tops”   (You can read more here I decided to try the Scrappy Nine Patch.  I’ll use the extra seven blocks removed from the 16-patch as a border.  Or maybe as part of the backing.

I’ll post my progress on what is now affectionately titled The Gold-Dolinger Project.


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