Construction Zone


I feel as if this renovation would never end.  My house is a mess.  Night stands in bathrooms, dressers and a bed in the living room.  The first hammer was slung back in January 2015.  For the most part the work is done.  Plantation shutters are on order.  I need to get back to Fergusons to order the towel racks and to Ace Glass to make an appointment for them to measure the shower for a frameless door.  Oh, and hang pictures on the walls.

One positive that came out of all this chaos was a tornado that went through the house getting rid of things I would no longer need.  I probably didn’t need them when I bought them.  A boatload of clothes and shoes donated to Oliver Gospel Mission Thrift Store.  A load of books (no quilt books) dropped off for the Friends of Richland Library fundraiser.  The good stuff to a consignment store where I’ve made a few dollars.  One entire dresser is empty!  Empty of clothes, now filled with fabric.

I can’t stand disorganization and that is how things have been the past six months.  I’m pleased with the work, although I have to paint the bathroom again.  Another story for another day.

Have you started a renovation that made you feel like it would never end?


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