Quilts and Cats and Magnets

Not far from Princeton University is a quilt shop I frequented to buy fabric for my quilts.  Could there be a connection between Princeton University, Albert Einstein, Cats and Quilts?

What is it in the molecular structure of quilts that forces them to attract cats?  I ask this because every time I put a completed quilt down on the bed, on the table, on the floor, on a chair, over the desk, immediately one or more cats are attracted to it and as if governed by the rules of static electricity, the quilt is covered in fur.  I’m not a theoretical physicist but the electronic connection is there.  Magnetism is not just a force between poles but it is a force between my cats and my quilts.   


Renowned Key West artist, Naya Rydzewski, grasped this concept in the late 20th century. 




All things being equal, which they are not, the nexus between cats and quilts is more than a coincidence.  There is a physical scientific imperative.  Cats and quilts, quilts and cats go paw in hand.

 Cogito ergo cattus.


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