JoAnn, JoAnn

JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts is reinstated to the list of retailers I boycott.

Rotary blades, storage bins and scrapbook notions with the 40% off coupon makes for a great deal.  It even appears they have improved the quality to one or two of their fabric lines.

But the overcharges – when you pay double, there truly is no discount.

Several months ago, after several instances of overcharging, I decided to boycott JoAnn.

I’m working on a project that requires ‘D’ rings, so off to JoAnn.  Browsing through the store, I noticed the half-off fabrics were on sale for an additional 50% off.  Several cat and cat and dog fabrics caught my eye.  They were 100% cotton and a good quality for kennel quilts; I added them to my cart.

At checkout, it seemed my bill was high; but, I had added a 40% off storage bin and two 50% off scrapbook paper pads to my ‘D’ rings and fabric.  I could have spent that amount.

Once home, the full price charges on my receipt immediately raised my blood pressure.  Back to the store I went.

I made it easy for the cashier to calculate my overcharge by returning everything I purchased an hour earlier.  How many customers will not look at their receipt thinking what a deal on the sale fabric that they really paid full price for, all because of a “computer problem?”


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