The LuoPad Project


Luo –  Greek verb  – to loose one bound; set free

Today was a sew day at Northeast Presbyterian Church for the LuoPad project.  Please consider joining us in February for the next sew day.  If you don’t sew, you can cut or turn, Susie has a job for everyone!

I encourage you to view this short You Tube video which explains the initiative.

This is what we have accomplished.

Dear Sewing Sisters,

WOW WOW and WOW! Our Hands surely did His Work today. 

Today’s results:

Largest group to date: 29 ladies used their time and talents today.   Welcome to 2 first timers: Amy Tolar and Sherry Tinman. So glad you came.

To date, largest number of sewing machines used: 20 and the lights did not go out.

3 sewing sisters, using their own materials, completed 123 pads at home and brought them today. Materials can be supplied to you for home sewing.

155 pads completed today and lots of flannel, towels and batting already traced and cut for future use.

Most productive day yet with 278 high quality pads sent home with Dana Cassell.

1356 pads completed in 10 sewing days since March 2015……….

meaning  monthly freedom for 339  Zimbabwean ladies and teens.

Thank you very much to those who donated and/or brought: pads made at home, flannel, batting, towels, thread, extra sewing machines, money, coupons, scissors, rotary cutters and pads and even cookies. Our greatest need currently is flannel or funds to purchase flannel.

Our next sewing day will be Tuesday, February 23rd. Please plan to attend if you are able and bring a friend or neighbor! 

Well done good and faithful sewing sisters!

Our Hands-His Work,



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