Declutter Days

Friends, we have a clutter issue.  I read that 27 percent of Americans think their homes are “very” or “somewhat” cluttered. In many cases, we simply let that clutter build up and eat us up. Buy one – get one; sales so great and with the additional percentage off because you have a branded credit card with the store or are earning points for more stuff you don’t need but will purchase anyway.

I recently reached the end of a roll of Pathmark brand waxed paper.  This roll of waxed paper came with me when I moved to SC in 1995.  I continued to use it even though it was past the recommended expiration date.  Do I really need to replace this with a six roll multi-pack from Sam’s?  I think not.

Shortly after retiring I purchased new hangers.  After I wore an item, it went on a new hanger.  Between Christmas and New Years, any garment on an old hanger was scrutinized for donation.  Since the weather had not yet turned cold, I gave myself license to keep some unworn items.  Three trash bags full of clothing and shoes donated to Goodwill.  The part-time job I was going to get with a temp agency, who am I kidding?  A suit is not required to teach quilting.

Gary was not feeling well yesterday and stayed home from work.  While he slept off and on throughout the day, I kept things quiet by organizing fabric scraps, stitched up a little charity quilt, followed by a purge of quilting magazines.  Instead of keeping an entire magazine for one “I want to make that someday” article, I removed individual pages.  Today I purchased sheet protectors and a binder to better organize the keepers.  It’s no surprise how much shelf space is freed up.

In preparation for a future move, quilter Aby Dolinger started a 2016 Quilt-A-Long to use up her hoarded fat quarters.

Have you recently completed a declutter?  What process did you use to part with your beloved items?


One thought on “Declutter Days

  1. KK says:

    I am tackling one drawer or shelf at a time at the house. I did a major studio declutter this fall and donated patterns and fabric and books to a young guild that was having a public quilting yard sale as a ways and means project. I had already done a magazine donation to a group in Walterboro plus fabrics that people kept giving me for my seniors until I was about to explode the studio with fabric – it got divided and given to three groups that do lots of charity quilting. And I”m still bursting at the seams!!

    And then I read something today that says some of perform better in the clutter. REALLY?? Not me……I think that’s just a messy person’s excuse to not clean up.


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