No Sew Tuesday

Busy day with my Cricut, cutting phrases and other things to replenish my handmade card supply.

Instead of taking flowers or a plant to my friend Angela, who recently had surgery, I included a stack of cards with the meals I provided.

If you know Angela, you know she sends cards.  Not the electronic ones, the kind you have to sign, address an envelope and put a stamp on.  And she always writes something nice in her cards.  At least she does in the ones I have received.

As expected, Angela mailed me a thank you card for the cards (and meals).  It was one of the purchased ones that come 12 in a box.  She did write that the handmade cards were so pretty, she wanted to continue looking at them a little while longer before sending them to ‘special’ people.

I gave her more cards that were not as ornate.  We agreed she did not have to send me another card.  Angela reminded me that she was sending the handmade cards to ‘special’ people.  I don’t know who Angela thinks she is kidding; she considers everyone in her life special.

This is why I need to replenish my supply.

Do you make your own cards?  Where do you get your ideas from?


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