Binding Wednesday

No quilt projects to show today.  Tomorrow.

Four quilts need binding finished.  Hope to have at least two done tomorrow.

Today I picked up three Quilts of Valor (QOV) from Donna Royson, who volunteers the quilting for the QOV Program.  For these, I need to make the binding, labels and sew everything on.  Until the quilts are presented, I can’t elaborate on the recipients because people know people who know people and the recipient might find out too far in advance.

Quilts of Valor is one of the programs the North Springs Home & Garden Club supports.  We would like to present a quilt to every veteran that lives in our subdivision.  With only one person sewing, it will take years; but I enjoy doing it.  Members are donating money, we even had a yard sale last year to raise funds, to purchase fabric.  Thanks to the generosity of others, Donna Royson for the quilting, Anne Mixon for batting and Pieces & Patches for opening their classroom for volunteers to sew the third Thursday of every month, our funds go farther.

Are you involved in a QOV Program?



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