No Internet Friday

Just as I was ready to write this post at 4 PM, I realized my internet was down.  After an hour of unplugging, restarting, plugging in and running diagnostics, in frustration, I unplugged everything and walked away.  At 8 PM I plugged in the modem.  At 9 PM I plugged in the router.  Time Warner tells me I only need to wait 30 seconds; but, that was not working.  Pleased to write that my Internet is back.


The two quilts that needed binding are complete!  This pattern is Log Cabin Polka II and is from the book Follow the Dots to Dazzling Quilts by Joan Segna and Jayme Crow.

I went scrappy with my layout.  Years ago I started collecting dot fabric to make a quilt called Razzle Dazzle Dots.  The pattern called for 100+ different dotted fabrics.  When I saw Follow the Dots to Dazzling Quilts, I knew this book would help me use much of the dotted collection.  Even the bindings are dots.


The two Log Cabin Polka II quilts were quilted by Colley Haynes, Newell, AL.  They were done several months ago but the kennel quilt project took priority.  Especially because four of the shelters that were flooded are here in South Carolina.

Two more quilts from Colley need the bindings finished.  Hope to finish them this weekend.  Then it is on to making and sewing bindings and labels on three Quilts of Valor.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow at the Customer Appreciation Sale at Pieces & Patches.

Have you purchased a large collection of a particular fabric?  How did you use it?


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