Valentine’s Day

DSC_0028If I didn’t get something quilt related for Valentine’s Day, my second choice would be dishes.  Not just any dishes, Vietri.

Hand made in Italy.  Every dish is a little different than all of the others.  Something about them draws me in.  On the expensive side, I don’t have many pieces, but I love each and every item in my eclectic collection.

And I love the new plates and bowls from the Sara’s Bouquet collection.  Thank you sweetie for the new dishes.Playground 2016

Happy to have finished binding the Playground quilt.  This is one I plan to keep for myself.

Finished making a binding for one Quilt of Valor; I need to make a label and finish hand sewing the binding.  Then I can make arrangements for the presentation.

And Erin loved her My Little Pony pillowcase and chocolate cookies with pink sprinkles.

I hope you had a memorable Valentine’s Day.


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