Completed Sunday Projects


Another beautiful day; it’s difficult to stay inside when it is so nice.  Some sewing did get done.  Four kennel quilts, one made with St. Patrick’s Day fabric and four St. Patrick’s Day pillowcases.

It was a pleasant surprise to run in to my friend and neighbor, Cathy Ray, at Tuesday Morning.  Cathy had major surgery a few weeks ago and she is determined to recuperate quickly.  She even drove herself to the store!  With medical approval, Cathy started driving this past week.  Around the block, around the neighborhood, to the supermarket, to a medical appointment and today to Tuesday Morning.  She looked really good.  Many of us were praying for Cathy and it just goes to show that prayers are answered.

A new promotion started today at Tuesday Morning.  Coincidentally, Cathy and I were both there for some of the same advertised specials.  We were a bit disappointed that most of the scrapbooking items were gone within 15 minutes of the store opening.  The three remaining items were not things either of us wanted.  We had a good time complaining about it but enjoyed seeing each other.

What projects are you making for St. Patrick’s Day?

Have a great week.


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