Women’s Equality Day

What did you do today for women’s equality?

This is what a group of women in Columbia did.

Hello Sewing Sisters,

 Today we used Our Hands to do His Work.

 26 ladies attended. We are glad you came. 

 15 Sewing machines buzzing.

 $134 donated to the project today. It will be used to buy flannel at a discounted price. Thank you to all who donated. 

 Flannel, towels, thread, rotary cutter and pad were donated today.

 75 pads completed by two ladies at home since our last sewing day just two weeks ago. 

 168 pads completed today. They are beautiful. 

 243 pads sent home to Dana Cassell meaning freedom for 60 ladies or teens in Zimbabwe.

 Lots of towels, batting and flannel traced, cut, and partially sewn ready for our next Sewing Day on April 26th.

 Thank you all for sharing your time and your talents as use Our Hands to Do His Work! Thank you for your donations.

  The NEPC Women’s Spring Tea is Saturday, April 23, just prior to our next sewing day.  Please consider attending. There will be information about the Ladies Sewing Project on display with photos and samples highlighting our work over the last year.

 Thank you so much for your participation in the NEPC Ladies Sewing Project which offers freedom to teens and women in Zimbabwe. 



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