Two Projects’ Status

The first day of Spring and the cold weather is back.  Add a little rain, mix it with tons of pollen and it looks like someone has poured yellow-green paint all over.  One thing for sure, the cold weather and pollen will pass.

Except for a short visit with my neighbor early this morning, I stayed home.

Inventory status on the two bags of batting.  I have opened and started cutting bag #2.  Some time was spent sewing pieces together.  Some pieces are 10″ wide and I need 12.5″.  I stitched a strip on the side which gives me more batting for kennel quilts.  I have an idea for a sew day for kennel quilts; I wonder if people would come?


I spent a lot of time with Catsiopeia.  You would never know she is very sick.  Test results will be in tomorrow and with guidance from Dr. Verbrick, we will go forward.

The second set of instructions for the Barn Dance QAL were released.  I need 37 6″ blocks, 19 block A and 18 blaock B.  Small progress, five blocks done, 14 to go.


If there was a sew day to make kennel quilts in your neighborhood, would you participate?

Have a great week.


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