Pillowcase Project Complete

DSC_0128The bolt of Christmas fabric was enough to make 17 French seam pillowcases.  All that remains is a 17″ remnant.  That is long enough to use as a band and I definitely will.  Just need to find a coordinate for the pillowcase body.

This completes another week of sewing/quilting projects.

What projects did you finish this week?



Thursday Sewing Status

DSC_0126Four more Christmas pillowcases completed today. I discovered more holiday fabric in my stash and will cut that up too.

These pillowcases are made with French seams.  It is a quick  and easy pattern.  You will find a free tutorial from Pillowcase Tutorial.



While attending Quilt Camp in February 2015 I participated in a mystery quilt project.  Ponderosa, written by Beth Karr, is reminiscent of the pine trees that populate the grounds at Camp Gravatt.  I did not like my finished top and took it apart.  I like my “tree” tops but the background wasn’t right.  After making more trees and testing different background fabrics, I found a fabric that worked well.  This UFO has sat for over a year because I could not find enough background fabric.

I was on eBay last week and found the fabric.  It arrived today.  And I am so happy that I can finally finish Ponderosa.

DSC_0127Have you finished a project and taken it apart only to start over?

Beautiful Weather Wednesday

With zero precipitation and a high of 79 degrees, it was difficult to be inside.  And it will be difficult to stay inside until we start with the consecutive 100 degree days/80% humidity.

Apparently, not much sewing going on.




The first bloom on my Star Magnolia.






DSC_0125 I did finish the 5 by 5 with an added border.  This is small and will probably be donated to the NICU.  Need to find fabric for a backing and make the binding.

Seven more pillowcases are cut and pinned, ready to sew.

Yesterday Tommy Leitner completed a routine maintenance on my Janome Horizon.  I let out a sign of relief when Tommy said the “chirping” was caused by lint build-up and not a part needing replacement.  This was confirmed when he took it apart.  Not the worst I’ve ever seen but, nonetheless, full of lint.

What’s blooming at your house?

Women’s Equality Day

What did you do today for women’s equality?

This is what a group of women in Columbia did.

Hello Sewing Sisters,

 Today we used Our Hands to do His Work.

 26 ladies attended. We are glad you came. 

 15 Sewing machines buzzing.

 $134 donated to the project today. It will be used to buy flannel at a discounted price. Thank you to all who donated. 

 Flannel, towels, thread, rotary cutter and pad were donated today.

 75 pads completed by two ladies at home since our last sewing day just two weeks ago. 

 168 pads completed today. They are beautiful. 

 243 pads sent home to Dana Cassell meaning freedom for 60 ladies or teens in Zimbabwe.

 Lots of towels, batting and flannel traced, cut, and partially sewn ready for our next Sewing Day on April 26th.

 Thank you all for sharing your time and your talents as use Our Hands to Do His Work! Thank you for your donations.

  The NEPC Women’s Spring Tea is Saturday, April 23, just prior to our next sewing day.  Please consider attending. There will be information about the Ladies Sewing Project on display with photos and samples highlighting our work over the last year.

 Thank you so much for your participation in the NEPC Ladies Sewing Project which offers freedom to teens and women in Zimbabwe. 


Happy Monday

It was difficult not to be outside enjoying this beautiful day, even if it was with a rake in my hands.  Will the pine straw ever end?  I rake it and put it in the front yard for pick-up.  It will not stay until trash day.  Someone will come by and take it.  If only I could connect with them and have them rake it.  They can have it all.

Projects completed today include two more Christmas pillowcases and the 11 12″ blocks for the 2016 QAL – Barn Dance with Denise Russart.

A cute and easy pattern appeared in my news feed today.  It is made with 25 5″ squares set in a 5 by 5 layout.  I plan to add a border to my version to make it larger.  My bin of 5″ squares is overflowing so this may be a way to make some room.

Have you ever participated in a Quilt-A-Long?  What did you make?

Completed Sunday Projects


Another beautiful day; it’s difficult to stay inside when it is so nice.  Some sewing did get done.  Four kennel quilts, one made with St. Patrick’s Day fabric and four St. Patrick’s Day pillowcases.

It was a pleasant surprise to run in to my friend and neighbor, Cathy Ray, at Tuesday Morning.  Cathy had major surgery a few weeks ago and she is determined to recuperate quickly.  She even drove herself to the store!  With medical approval, Cathy started driving this past week.  Around the block, around the neighborhood, to the supermarket, to a medical appointment and today to Tuesday Morning.  She looked really good.  Many of us were praying for Cathy and it just goes to show that prayers are answered.

A new promotion started today at Tuesday Morning.  Coincidentally, Cathy and I were both there for some of the same advertised specials.  We were a bit disappointed that most of the scrapbooking items were gone within 15 minutes of the store opening.  The three remaining items were not things either of us wanted.  We had a good time complaining about it but enjoyed seeing each other.

What projects are you making for St. Patrick’s Day?

Have a great week.

A Blunt Question to Ponder

Since I did not get any sewing done today, I am sharing, with permission, A Blunt Question to Ponder, from Catbird Quilts


Source: A Blunt Question to Ponder

Do you have a plan for your stash? Not for while you’re using it, but for when you are not?

I’ve heard the old joke, “She who dies with the most stash wins!” But it’s not really true, is it? At some point, all of us will be done quilting, whether that comes because of a loss of interest or ability, or due to death. Be prepared for that day.

20151017_134733Will your family look hopelessly at your shelves, cupboards, closets, bins, and tubs, full of fabric and kits and unquilted tops, wondering what to do with it all? I have read too many stories of people whose stashes were discarded because family members were not interested and had no idea of the value.

Sewing machines are expensive. Here again, family members may have no idea of value. Would you like your $1,000 sewing machine sold for $75? It might be able to be sold back to the dealer for a better price.

Have an estate plan for your quilting or crafts studio. Consider how you want your stash and equipment distributed in the case of your untimely death, or your loss of ability to use your precious quilting resources.

20151017_134416Will one of your family members be glad to take it? Will they pay your estate the value of it, or assume it should come to them for free? Remember, a pound of fabric is about four yards. These days that would retail for about $40-50. How many pounds will they pay for at that price, or even a discounted price?

If you want your fabric donated, consider who will receive it. My local Mennonite relief store is glad for fabric donations, and the customers who shop there are more appreciative of fabric than the typical Goodwill customer will be. Perhaps your local quilt guild would like donations, or maybe not! The women’s prison about 50 miles from me has an ongoing sewing project and appreciates help. You may find similar needs in your community.

Make a plan. Write it down. Tell your family members – and those who are to receive items – of the plan. They can’t do what you want if they don’t know what that is.

Have you thought about an estate plan for your quilting resources? Who will receive your fabric? Equipment? What is your greatest hope and worst fear about this?

Happy Friday Everyone!

The rain stopped so I did not accomplish as much sewing as I would like.

DSC_0116 Happy to have Playtime With Pinwheels, my March 2016 Fat Quarter Challenge complete.  Designed by Aby Dolinger, this quilt finishes at 40 1/2″ square.  The instructions are free and available at Abyquilts.wordpress.com.  You may want to check out her other free patterns while you are there.

A Cricut cartridge that was on backorder arrived today.  I spent a few hours making some of the projects on this Anna Griffin cartridge.

DSC_0117 The first four Christmas pillowcases are done; another 16 to go. While I was working on these, it dawned on me that I have St. Patrick’s Day pillowcases to finish!  These and the six blocks from the Quilt-A-Long I am participating in are on the sewing table ready to be worked on.

The Cobblestone Quilt Show is this weekend, will I see you there?

After the quilt show it is time to get myself caught up.  And play with the new Anna Griffin cartridge.  And cut more batting.


Early this AM I was on the road to Concord and Charlotte, NC.  A friend had to go to Concord for work and offered me a stop at “That quilt shop” in exchange for sharing the drive.

We’re Sew Creative is located in one of the strip malls on Concord Mills Blvd.  I was in search of a specific Kona fabric for a Quilt-A-Long that I started.  The first five of eleven blocks are complete.  A little behind but the rain has returned which will afford me time to catch up.

My small purchase included cat fabric for kennel quilts and Christmas fabric.  The Christmas fabric was not on my shopping list but I walked in to a sale.


One of Devine Quilt Guild charity projects this year is Christmas pillowcases for the Children’s Hospital.  I purchased a bolt of Christmas fabric at the Foust Warehouse sale a few weeks ago.  That bolt added to today’s purchase will allow me to have some variety in my contributions.

We’re Sew Creative is also a Bernina dealer.  I had some questions about my recent Best Friends machine purchase and they were very helpful answering my questions and sharing a few suggestions.

A stop for lunch at South Park mall gave me time to stop in The Container Store and order a bungee chair for my granddaughter, Molly.  She fell in love with mine when visiting this past summer but preferred one with arms.  On sale and free shipping made this the perfect time to purchase.

Do you like to visit quilt shops when you travel?

Wednesday Travels


I was on my way to the Ronald McDonald House early this morning as soon as I felt comfortable that morning work traffic would be off the roads.

The House is always warm and inviting and today was no exception.  A new House, which will accommodate 65 families, is under construction adjacent to the current location.  There is an excitement surrounding the opening of the new house.  In 2015, 140 families were turned away, others waited for days, weeks and even a month before getting a room.  With completion of the new House, they can say “Yes” to more families.

Today I had the honor and privilege to represent Logan Lap Quilters delivering 18 quilts and 6 crocheted “baby doll” blankets.

DSC_0111One of our Logan members crochets small doll sized           blankets for those who bring their doll babies with them to the House or the hospital while receiving treatment.

What a surprise to hear that some of the crocheted baby doll blankets are going to the premature babies.  Babies that have their weight measured in grams; precious lives that are so tiny.

And as quilters, we are allowed to be part of providing a small amount of comfort to the family of a hospitalized child.

Have you made a quilt for the Ronald McDonald House?