Quilts and Cats

The annual North Springs Home and Garden Club Spring Social was held last night.  Everything was perfect.  The wind blowing over the lake made for a comfortable evening.  Lots of food and fellowship and even some dancing!

We were fortunate to have Donna and Lee Royson join us.  Donna is our angel, quilting the Quilts of Valor the Garden Club presents to veterans in our neighborhood.  Donna and Co-President Julia Tansey wrapped Phil Latham and Steve Coombs in their quilts as part of the ceremony.  Even in the heat, neither Phil nor Steve were in a hurry to put their quilt down.

On to cats.  A few days ago my friend Beth Karr gave me a pattern for a pop-up pet tent she purchased but never got around to making.  Lucky for me, Bette (Midler) and Janis (Joplin), her two Maine Coon babies would never fit in the tent.

This morning I pulled some cat fabric out of my stash, started cutting and sewing.  Ta-Da!  My cat tent is finished and Catmandu claimed it within minutes.


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