Exotic Flowers in my Garden

I spotted red this morning as I loaded my sewing machine in the car.  Grabbed my basket and headed to the garden.  Perfectly ripe, the tomatoes fell right off the vine into my hand.  Then the irrigation system changed zones and I had to make a decision.  Stay and get soaking wet or come back later.  Gary tried a few cherry tomatoes and rated them “Very sweet.”

Distracted by another red, I had to get pictures of this beautiful canna.

CannaThe Cleopatra Canna.  “There are many exotic cannas but this one is really high up on the list. Some of its flowers are yellow with red freckles and some are half speckled and half dark red. The bright green leaves will sometimes be half green and half purple. It can’t make up it’s mind what color it is. It’s wonderful.”

Diane Dell’Omo gave me my first plant.  She and husband Jack volunteered at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden.  Lucky me, when it was time for volunteers to divide these, Diane had more than she could use in her own yard.  Volunteers can take the excess plants home.

Over the years, these have grown and multiplied; they accept the heat, humidity and drought like conditions and remain picture perfect.  I’ve passed many along to friends and neighbors.  There is an unwritten rule in gardening.  If you receive a plant; you must pass along a plant.  You can’t kill these – but you can eat them.

I discovered this when the voles came.  They made a smorgasbord of anything and everything with a bulb/tuber.  Everything.  I quickly moved plants to containers.  This beauty survived.


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