Pillow Panel Quilt of Valor

If you have shopped at the Foust warehouse sale, you have come home with an appreciation gift.

Several sales ago they gave out these patriotic pillow panels.


My gift sat in a QOV stuff Rubbermaid tote for a while.  Just as I thought who I might give them to, that individual gave me a gift of the pillow panels she received.  They were multiplying and I just didn’t know what to do with them.

The QOV Foundation tells you to keep the quilts neutral, unless you know specifically who it will go to.

I mentioned the challenge these pillow panels presented at a QOV Sew Day.  It was suggested I cut them in half and border them with strings.  That’s another reason these QOV Sew Days are so valuable.


I do know who this quilt is for.  And I know they will appreciate Psalm 4:8 as part of their quilt.  The recipient is over 6′ tall, so I’ve made this one pretty large to accommodate his stature.


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