Too Many Projects

The amount of sewing projects in progress is out of control.  It is not unusual for me to work on 8 to 10 projects at any given time.  If I feel too much is going on, you know it is time to pull it together.

This is what I have been working on this week.

These are the first six projects completed.

Framed Up from the book Simply Retro.  All of the fabrics contain sewing notions.  I came across the completed rows in a project bin.  Having no idea when I started this, it is now a finished project.

I was given several orphan blocks to use for kennel quilts.  Four were made from the same fabrics, and our guild, in need of quilts for the NICU, I added sashings and borders and two goals accomplished.

Donna Royson, Logan Lap Quilters, created a “NICU Variation” of her pattern Bricks and Squares.  Two of these are kits I picked up at the last guild meeting.  The other two are made with juvenile fabric included in a bundle purchased at the June sale and auction.  These are ready to be turned in at the next guild meeting.

Tonight I plan to finish the last of four Quilts of Valor.  All quilted by Donna Royson, they are scheduled for presentation next week.

Then it’s time to work on kennel quilts and finish two more tops for Quilts of Valor.


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