When It Rains, It Pours

I remember this phrase from Morton salt commercials when growing up.  If I have any younger followers out there, you will most likely associate this phrase with the rap group 50 cent.

I imagine the rain that drenched Northeast Columbia yesterday was what was happening while Noah was building the Ark and gathering animals.  It was horrific.  The lightning and thunder sounded like it was right over my head.

July has been a month of money pouring out of my bank account.

After all the insurance was filed and co-pays made, my cataract surgery cost me $4k.  Everything is billed separately, the ophthalmologist; anesthesiologist; surgery center; eye clinic, etc.  Each comes with a co-pay that I had not yet met this year.  This expense after spending over $1,000 on new glasses in January.

I’m still healing from the surgery and my vision isn’t 20/20 yet; but, I cold sure read that personal property tax bill that showed up.  Even with all the reasons I expect it to be lower, Richland County explains that I drive a hybrid which “is a more desirable vehicle.”  For this, SC penalizes me with a higher tax.  California is looking really good right now.

It warmed up enough for Pool Patrol to repair the pool from the October, 2015 floods.  Why is my Polaris not working?  It worked fine when we shut everything down in October.  No one knows but I need a new motor, $600.

We had to drain the pool to make the repairs and then fill it again.  Something good, the well held out long enough to pump 100,000 gallons of water out of the ground.  A few days later I notice the irrigation system is not working.  Hmm.  The pump on the well died.  Mr. West told me I did really well, my pump lasted 14 years.  The life expectancy is 10.

My parents lived in the same house for 50 years and they never  replaced anything on the well.  Are manufacturers building obsolescence into their equipment to keep themselves in business?

The technology in my car lets it talk to me.  It sends me text messages, sometimes annoying, other times appreciated.  One tire was low on air.  I filled the tire.  Last week I get another message the same tire is low on air.  I need my car washed anyway, so I stop by the dealer and ask them to check the tire.  Of course I have a nail in it and it only fits in with the theme for July that it is in the inside of the tire and cannot be repaired.  Lucky me, I need a new tire!  And not just any tire, no, my car came with some special tires that have to be special ordered and shipped in.  At least I was given a loaner for two days while my vehicle was down.

After the lightning and thunder and power outage my internet went off-line.  To be expected in severe weather.  This morning, no internet.  Time Warner isn’t experiencing any outages in my area.  We are off to buy a new modem and router.  I will give kudos to Dawn (located in the Philippines) at Time Warner for helping me get the new combo router/modem connected.  I always unplug my electronics when we have bad weather.  Honestly, I never thought about the modem and router, even though I have this special surge protector recommended by my electrician after we were hit about 10 years ago.

As my good friend Lupe Ponce would say, “You can’t take it with you.”


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