The Week In Review

Late afternoon Saturday brought another storm.  This is a daily occurrence when the SC temperatures are in the high 90’s and above.  The storm ended and so did another router/modem.  Fried like bacon.

What is going on?  Today will be my fourth device in less than two weeks.  The TV and Direct TV receiver/DVR are plugged in to the same surge protector.  They work fine.  I am beginning to question Time Warner when they say “We are not showing any problems with our line.”   Is it a coincidence that I never had this issue when I rented their equipment?  This has only started happening since I purchased my own modem.

It was a busy week.

Monday – Three tops for Quilts of Valor finished.

Many of you give me your scraps.  You just might recognize one or two in the Jelly Roll Quilt.  Carol W., do those half-square triangles look familiar?

Logan Guild met Tuesday.  My quilting sisters blow me away with their generosity.  One member, who wishes to be anonymous, made 14 Small Kennel Quilts for shelters in need.  My arms were full with quilts for the Ronald McDonald House – these will be delivered tomorrow.  I also came home with two Quilts of Valor for a special project.  You ladies are the best!

On Thursday “Patriotic Pals,” the local Quilts of Valor sew group met at Pieces & Patches. Everyone was busy, myself included sewing strips for another Rail Fence.

I was asked to present a Quilt of Valor to a Korean – Vietnam war Veteran.  Considering this an honor to be asked, I checked the stats on how many quilts have been awarded, (over 141,000) and readied myself for his arrival.  Marion Fisher was completely surprised.  He thought he was stopping at the quilt shop to bring lunch to his wife.  A humble man.  He felt the quilt should go to those who came home in body bags or never came home at all.  We were all in tears.

IMG_58821 (2)

The Quilting Expo opened on Friday.  I arrived early to drop off three Featherweights to John Bryant, aka, Featherweight Poppy.  Minor tune-ups on two and a new switch hook on the one I bought on eBay for $125.00.  It was great seeing so many friends at the Expo.

This week will be equally as busy.  I am busier in retirement than when I worked full time.  And I am L-O-V-I-N-G every minute of it.


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