Rain, Rain, Go Away…….

Appreciated all the weather warnings and relieved that Hermine did not cause the degree of damage we prepared for.  The emergency alert system linked to my cell phone sounded only once today to warn of flooding in low lying areas.

When the weather is yucky, quilters quilt.  Or do something quilt related.  I am no exception.

DSC_0084 I played with donated orphan blocks this morning.  This “Raining cats and dogs” fabric accurately describes the five inches of rain that has fallen so far.







These two beautiful blocks were also in the stack of donations.  The stitching is exquisite which makes me wonder if these came from a Quilter’s Academy class.  If there had been more blocks, I would have made myself a quilt.

I’ve added a paw print fabric border to get the blocks to 12 1/2 inches square.  Now to get the length to 18 1/2 inches.  Any suggestions?







Boo!  Kennel quilts made with Halloween fabrics are complete and ready for my senior inspector to give them the “Paw of Approval.”



When the power blinked off and on, it was time to unplug the machine and put the rotary cutter in motion.  Yes, Christmas fabrics are in the queue.  Baring any disasters, these will be made for local shelters.

Stay dry.  Be safe.  Enjoy the holiday weekend.



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