A Quilts of Valor Update

If ever there was a worthwhile organization, it is Quilts of Valor.  I am equally passionate about the TQPM Kennel Quilt project but the focus today is on Quilts of Valor.

Since retiring in January 2015, one of the top three best decisions ever in my life, I have spent my time making quilts for vets and pets.  If you know me, you have heard the story so much you can repeat it verbatim.

Sewing for these two groups has moved me up a few notches on Maslow’s pyramid.  Generally, I find myself at the top of the pyramid.

Last week I had the honor of speaking to the Fort Jackson Chapter of Military Officer’s Association of America (MOAA) about Quilts of Valor.  Thanks to Anne Mixon, the South Carolina Quilts of Valor coordinator, I was able to update and fine tune my speech.  I thought everybody knew about Quilts of Valor so it amazed me that so few members did.

Retired Army Chaplain Sam Boone opened the door.  Chaplain Boone is one of the volunteers conducting military honors for the 15 to 19 funerals every day at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery.  If this sounds familiar, it was another Chaplain, John Kallerson, who opened the door for Quilts of Valor with the first wrapping of a young soldier at Walter Reed Army Hospital in 2003.

Chaplain Boone is coordinating a presentation later this year to the 12 caretakers who work at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery.  Along with help from sister quilters, I’m working to have 12 quilts ready to wrap these Veterans with.

The MOAA is supporting Quilts of Valor in several ways.  They are spreading the word; making a monetary donation and they will be at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery to help us wrap 12 Veterans.

This post is a wrap.


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