The Quilter’s Extra Gene

I once read quilter’s have an extra gene.  It’s the generosity gene.

Far from being a medical professional, I do have unquestionable scientific proof of the existence of the generosity gene.


A bundle of cat fabric with a card and cat pin attached was handed to me at the guild meeting Monday night.

The granddaughter of guild member, Betty Rose Smith, selected the fabrics from her grandmothers stash and sent them to be used to make kennel quilts.

Another guild member, Beth Karr, brought a large ziplock bag of fabric from her extensive collection of batiks.  Coincidently, just the right size for kennel quilts.  The bag also included a gift from her sister, money to cover the cost of postage for several USPS medium flat rate boxes.

Speaking of my guild.  Earlier this year when the lottery was, like a bazillion dollars, several of us pooled our money to purchase a ticket.  If we won, the money would be used to build the most wonderful retreat center.  We did win.  Not the bazillion dollars; but, a small amount of money.  Once it was divided and distributed, over half of the ladies handed their winnings to me “for kennel quilts.”

After the ophthalmologist this morning, I stopped by One Loose Thread, aka Joyce Greer, to pick up a special order.  Joyce, a professional longarm quilter, overfilled two large trash bags with batting.  She includes a note on her invoices that the excess batting is donated to the kennel quilt project.

I could go on and on with scientific proof that quilters do possess an extra gene.




3 thoughts on “The Quilter’s Extra Gene

  1. Betty Rose Smith says:

    Sara and I are so happy that the cat fabric will be enjoyed by cats!
    I have experienced that generosity for 21 years from quilters and their extra gene.
    I love it when I am taking a class and someone expresses a need for something she or he forgot, and 12 hands shoot out offering just the right fabric or gadget.


  2. faerydaestitches says:

    I love hearing stories like this!! Last Christmas I loved joining in an Instagram movement where you asked for a “quilty wish” and people volunteered their time/stash to grant it. I had two massive quilts, quilted for me for free within a space of a week of me posting them to her! It was insane!

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