A Nostalgic Halloween

When I was young, some might say, just as the ark hit dry land, my friends and I dressed up for Halloween and went Trick or Treating.

Someone’s mother escorted us through our neighborhood where we hoped to “Trick” the neighbors into not knowing who we were hidden behind our mask or makeup.

We ended our evening by returning to the home of the escort parent to compare our treats and trade with each other for our own favorites.

We didn’t have food allergies, ADHD or asthma.  And kids walked everywhere – even when it rained or snowed.

I appreciate the technological advances we have made; but, I wish we kept the softer and gentler world along with the journey.

It saddens me that your child/grandchild can’t be more than  inches away from your supervision, your babysitter needs a criminal background investigation and those children/grandchildren will never know that softer and gentler world.

This is how my boys celebrated the day.


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