Update on the “Cemetery Project”

Presentation cases and 12 quilts are complete – THANK YOU to all that made and donated a quilt(s) – and ready to wrap the caretakers who work at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery.

The wrapping has turned out not to be an easy task to schedule.  The cemetery has between 15 and 19 funerals every day.  Yes, every day.  We discussed many options.

The cemetery has a “shut-down” period in December.  During these three days no funerals are scheduled.  We have proposed the wrapping take place during the “shut-down” period.

We are waiting for approval from the Director.

The next mission, should we accept it, 30 quilts for the Veterans who reside at Wildewood Downs, a retirement community.  For one reason or another, these Veterans are unable to attend Memorial Day ceremonies at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery.  A second program is conducted at Wildewood Downs on Memorial Day for these residents.  Some Veterans are confined to a wheelchair which means smaller quilts will be required.

More to follow on the new challenge.  In the meantime, it looks like December for the National Cemetery wrapping.


Cats not included


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