A Quilt Well Traveled


“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill


Cat not included

Happily Scrappily Irish began as a leader and ender project circa 2012. Apropos as the pattern is from Bonnie Hunters book,  Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

Two patches grew in to four patches and then eight patches and eventually a 25 patch.  A total of 66 25-patches and background squares are needed.


Then it was on to making unit 1.  You need 132 of those.

This project traveled to many locations in South Carolina, North Carolina and even Georgia.  Yes, Happily Scrappily Irish is well traveled.

I’ve been student, teacher and tourist while traveling with this “Quilt in Progress.”  I’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of new friends.

“What are you working on?”  “You quilt?  I didn’t think anyone did that any more.”  Why yes we do and there are lots of us.

As I stitched the final two sides of the outer border today, as I was sewing, I found myself smiling, thinking about all those great people and all those wonderful places Happily Scrappily Irish and I have traveled.

Are you a “Quiltvillian?”  Which Bonnie Hunter patterns have you made?


One thought on “A Quilt Well Traveled

  1. abydolinger says:

    Yes, I am a Quiltvillian! I have made several quilts from Bonnie’s Leaders and Enders book and several of her mystery quilts as well. The good thing is that I haven’t used up all my scraps yet, so many more scrap quilts are in store for me!

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