“A Great Concept, But Will Never Happen”





These are the words Professor Zavaglia sprawled in big red letters across my 1990 final exam for Legal Research and Writing.


Have you ever gone to look for something only to become sidetracked for hours traveling down memory lane?  Happened to me recently.  Searching for some documents, I opened a Pandora’s box filled with nostalgia.  Four hours later, still not having located the specific documents I wanted, I did find a 26-year-old final exam. (This course was the deciding factor that directed me to any career other than law.)

In the day, smoking was allowed everywhere and anywhere.  Always a non-smoker, your smoke bothered and irritated me.  I frequented the mall often and always came home smelling of smoke.  It was enough of a reason not to go to the mall.

That was the premise for Smoking Within All Areas of Enclosed Malls Should Be Prohibited.  Students had to defend an approved premise in the form of a legal brief.  I received an “A” along with the comment, “A great concept, but will never happen.”

Twenty-six years later, you can hardly smoke in any public place, in fact, in some parts of LA (Los Angeles), you can’t even smoke on the street.  The point being this, if you have an idea share it.

Quilting is much the same.  If you have an idea, plan it out; cut the fabric; sew it back together; quilt, bind and put a label on it.  You just never know what will happen.



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