Progress on Maridee’s Quilt

win_20161114_22_11_30_proTa Da!  Two borders remaining and this quilt top will be done.

A busy day attending an orientation for the Chavalitos Project and then home long enough for dinner and it’s back out the door for Garden Club.

James Carston, retired Army CID, now a Private Investigator, spoke with us last year about personal security.  One of the best speakers ever, we invited him back to speak to us about internet security.  Another eye-opening presentation.

Two key points from tonight:  Change your password(s) on a regular basis, yes it is a pain, but easier than having to fix identity or credit card theft.  If in doubt, don’t open that email.  Contact the company it is allegedly coming from and ask if they emailed you.

Have you heard about the latest scam?  Romance scam.  Unscrupulous persons set up a profile, using photos of another individual.  They contact you through various dating sights, eventually learning enough about you to steal your identity or they begin to ask for money.  And we know the rest of that story.

Have a good evening everyone!


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