Quilt Guild Meetings

I love attending quilt guild meetings.  They are fun and informative.

Devine Quilters hosted Bernadette Houghton last night.  If I remember only one thing from her program, How to Enter a Quilt in a Show, it is, don’t be offended by the people who critique your quilt.  Embrace their feedback and incorporate their suggestions in to your work.

Personally, Bernadette does not like lots and lots of quilting in her quilts.  She listened to the comments, “Not enough quilting,” in her early work.  She was not offended – instead, she kicked it up a notch.  You can see how her work has progressed from her early days to today on the Devine Quilters Facebook page.

I also love attending guild meetings so I can see my other quilting sisters.  They always keep the TQPM Small Kennel Quilt initiative in mind when shopping and organizing their quilting materials.

Thank you Beth Karr and Cindy Munn for your batting scraps and kennel quilt fabrics!  Quilting sisters, you ROCK!


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