Happy Ending

Happy Ending, a mystery quilt designed by Aby Dolinger, was the April program at Logan Quilt Guild.

Aby starts the mystery:  “Don’t you love it when a story has a happy ending?  Be it a novel, a theater play, or a movie, there’s something satisfying about a plot that ties up all loose ends in a pleasant way for all the principal characters.  Of course in ever well-written story, there’s some conflict to resolve, some antagonism to overcome, some trials to persevere through, and some mystery to solve.  So it will be with your quilt; persevere in solving mysterious clues to find that “All’s well that ends well!”

A former Logan member, many of us know Aby and have fond memories of her.  We always have a great time with Aby and this class was no exception.  Aby’s daughter, Trinity, was visiting and we were so happy to have her with us participating in the mystery.

After a pot luck lunch we received Clue 4.  “Now comes the fun part!  Lay out the units on a design wall or table and arrange them to please yourself.  There are many ways the units can be arranged and all will result in a Happy Ending for your quilt.”  Even though Aby did share four potential layouts with us, the room was full of creativity.  No two quilts looked alike.  Indecisive about a particular layout, I brought my completed blocks home.

With a lot of uncut fabric remaining, I decided to make more blocks until I ran out of fabric.  This is my finished project.

DSC_0085  Once quilted, this will be donated to one of the charities the Logan Quilt Guild supports.

Thank you Aby for such a fun challenge!


Never Say Never


Never say never.  When I purchased this cone of dusty rose thread at Long Creek Mills, I knew, half full, it would end up at a guild sale long after I was dead and gone.  Am I really sewing and quilting more than I realized?  Guess I am.  And loving every minute.

Here Comes The Sun

I really do not like to cut trees down.  One of the reasons I love my neighborhood so much is the many trees.  When this subdivision was built, only the trees necessary for construction were allowed to be removed.

When the arboriculturist conducts an inspection and tells you two of your oaks have canker rot and one pine tree is infected with beetles, you know they have to go.  Like me, Sox & Freeman does not like to remove healthy trees.  I trust when they tell me I have three dead trees and recommend removal.

In the fall, I’ll plant three trees to replace the ones removed today.  I will not live long enough to see them reach 100; but, I hope whoever comes after me will enjoy the shade they will provide.

We are saving a small section of one oak to make a scratching post for the cats.  I’ll talk about that another time.

More Blooms

More plants from neighbors.  Shasta daisies from Kim N. and these big purple flowers from Jackie F.  The huge purple flowers start as little dark purple pods.  Both love full sun which I have lots of.  If anyone wants some of the purple flowers, I have seedlings to share.

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbours”

From Mending Wall by Robert Frost.

“Why do they make good neighbours? Isn’t it
Where there are cows? But here there are no cows.”
My home came with an 8-foot privacy fence enclosing the back yard.  The previous homeowners were breeding bulldogs  – a violation of County ordinances and the restrictions and covenants of the homeowners association.  The fence kept prying eyes out and the ‘livestock’ in.
In the beginning I did not feel one way or another about the fence.  It turned out to be a wonderful place to hang bird houses, feeders and other chachkies from.  My only disappointment is that it lacked a gate allowing me to walk to my neighbors without having to walk around the entire block.
Only the trees necessary for the construction of a home were removed when my subdivision was built.  The mature trees are one of many things that makes this area so desirable.
A new homeowner has decided to remove the trees in his backyard to make a place for his four children to play.  Sadly, he did not grasp the concept of what trees do and his home has flooded twice during heavy rain.  He also did not grasp the concept that trees sometimes have a mind of their own; they fall where they want.  This is why my fence looks like a gap-toothed smile.
I’m in the market for recommendations to replace the entire fence.  It makes no sense to repair a few sections; I want to do the entire length of the backyard which looks to be 11 panels. And add that gate and haul away the old stuff.

Celtic Wave


Three down; 997 to go.

Cindy Munn and I ordered  Celtic Wave quilt kits from Hancock’s of Paducah a few years ago.  We planned to work on our quilts simultaneously, challenging each other not to let them become UFOs.

Life happens.  Project boxes get pushed to the back of the closet.  You retire and get involved in other priorities.

I’m attending a quilt retreat later this year and looking for UFOs to take with me.  Celtic Wave is one project I plan to work on.

If you have ever worked on a Judy Niemeyer pattern, you know that it contains a large variety of fabrics and hundreds of foundation papers.  Attention to detail is mandatory.  My other UFO(s) need to be less intense.  Even if Celtic Wave is not completed during the retreat, there will be progress made towards a finished quilt top.


Northeast Columbia QOV Sew Group


Quilts of Valor supporters asked for a Sew Group in Northeast Columbia.  Thanks to Radiant Life Church, we have a place.  The Church is conveniently located off Two Notch Road (Route 1) at the corner of Bookman Road and Old Two Notch Road, across the street from Pontiac Foods.

Our next two Sew Days are June 14th and July 19th from 10 AM to 4 PM.  We would love for you to join us, even if you can’t stay all day.  Pack your lunch, machine, basic sewing supplies and a cord reel/extension cord.  Quilt kits are available or work on your own QOV project.

In South Carolina, over 900 Veterans are on the wait list to receive a quilt.  Your help is needed to thank and welcome home these Veterans with a Quilt of Valor.

Hope to see you there.