Sewing & Quilting Update

Sorry to miss the QOV Sew Day; still in recovery from the retreat at Tabor City.

Everyone had a great time and probably gained a pound or two.  Carolina Charm is not just for quilting; they cater to scrapbooking and so much more.  Frank unloads your car,  delivers your suitcase to your room and delivers your sewing supplies to your sewing space.  When it is time to leave, you will find your luggage sitting by your vehicle and Frank ready to pack up your sewing machine and load your car.  Besides the food, THAT was one of the things that will bring me back.


The entire house is decorated with quilts and antique sewing machines.

DSC_0347I did get a binding sewn on a Quilt of Valor made by Joy Peterson.  While I might not have attended the Sew Day, I did work on QOV stuff.  Several other bindings are sewn together, it is just too hot to turn the iron on and press them.

This is Joy’s quilt.  And I must add that my corners are quilt show precision, thanks to Joyce Greer.  Your simple suggestion has made a world of difference!

Quilted by Donna Royson.



Most Fridays are Sit and Sew days at St. David’s  and today was no exception.  Everyone is welcome, even if you just want to sit and talk.

Using a pattern designed by Donna Royson for Logan Quilt Guild charity quilts, I cut and stitched 12 tops a few weeks ago.  I think Donna, a Certified Quilt In A Day Instructor, incorporated some “Eleanor Burns” in to this pattern as it is simple and easy to put together, even for a beginning quilter.  I’m making so many to build confidence quilting with my walking foot.

Today I pressed the tops and cut batting.  Rose Marie offered to take three of them home to quilt, leaving me with nine.  It is so hot outside, I do not mind attaching the walking foot to my machine and quilting away.  Anything to stay inside!




Carolina Charm Quilt Retreat

At times, it feels as if all we do is eat.  There is some sewing and quilting going on; but, Frank, our personal chef, is constantly in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals for us.  We have tried to resist his culinary temptations, i.e., Godiva Chocolate Cake, but are now in the mindset we will return home a few pounds heavier.


Moved Out of UFO Column


Not sure how long this small quilt has been a UFO.  Long enough to have used fabric intended for the binding on another project.  Batiks are great, finding another coordinating fabric was easy.  So happy to move this project to the completed column.

On to the next project, kennel quilts.  The “Kershaw Group” of longarmers gifted me a ton of batting scraps followed by fabric from Susie Necker.  I think kennel quilts will be a project for the Tabor City Quilt Retreat.


The Birds

The ones who visit your yard and feeders, not the movie by Alfred Hitchcock or novel by Dame Daphne du Maurier, are interesting, entertaining and educational to watch.

I admit, my first interest in birds came about as a way to provide stimulation for my indoor-only cats.  I enjoy watching my cats stalk and talk to the birds as they perch atop a condo or run from window to window.

It’s amazing how many different birds visit our yard and how a bird can tell just the right time of day the mealworms will be replenished.

An old Boy Scouts fundraiser birdhouse, mounted on a metal pole, weathered and chewed on by squirrels, housed a Great Crested Flycatcher family this year.  I have had more residents in this house than any others.

Three babies looking out while Mom or Dad watched from a nearby Lob-lolly pine.


Bluebirds love mealworms.

In South Carolina, a house cannot be a home without the Carolina Wren.  They will build a nest anywhere.  And don’t leave your garage door open for any length of time, unless you want them to build a nest in your garage.

We have Cardinals, Black Capped Chickadees, Towhees, Warblers, Downy, Hairy and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, and dozens more.  Blue Jays are beautiful, just not my favorite because they scream like a hawk and chase all the other birds away.

DSC_0283 Downy woodpecker.

If you love the birds but hate the squirrels, there are variations of bird seed, safflower for one, that squirrels hate.  You can also purchase suet and other seeds infused with hot pepper.  Yowzah!  It doesn’t bother the birds but those pesky squirrels will go bother someone else.

Quilt of Valor Presentation

Honored to wrap North Springs resident, retired Field Artillery Officer, Norman Butler, in a Quilt of Valor.

A Quilt of Valor for every Veteran in our neighborhood is a North Springs Home & Garden Club initiative.  I’m sewing and Donna Royson is quilting as quick as we can to realize this effort.  To continue watching over our Veterans, Donna adds a “Guardian Angel” to every quilt.


Quilts to the Rescue

Quilts to the Rescue  is a charitable 501c3 organization that sells and auctions off quilts to raise funds for animal rescue. They earmark funds for senior or hard to place animals.

Quilting friends, you can help by sending pieced tops and/or quilts.  QTTR supplies backing, batting and binding and they will quilt them.  Full/queen and king sizes are preferred.

For my friends involved with animal rescue, you can request a quilt to be auctioned to raise funds for your organization by completing the application on their website

Send your tax deductible quilt or pieced top to:

Quilts to the Rescue, 1347 W. Isabella Road, Midland, MI 48640


Quilt Guild Meetings

I love attending quilt guild meetings.  They are fun and informative.

Devine Quilters hosted Bernadette Houghton last night.  If I remember only one thing from her program, How to Enter a Quilt in a Show, it is, don’t be offended by the people who critique your quilt.  Embrace their feedback and incorporate their suggestions in to your work.

Personally, Bernadette does not like lots and lots of quilting in her quilts.  She listened to the comments, “Not enough quilting,” in her early work.  She was not offended – instead, she kicked it up a notch.  You can see how her work has progressed from her early days to today on the Devine Quilters Facebook page.

I also love attending guild meetings so I can see my other quilting sisters.  They always keep the TQPM Small Kennel Quilt initiative in mind when shopping and organizing their quilting materials.

Thank you Beth Karr and Cindy Munn for your batting scraps and kennel quilt fabrics!  Quilting sisters, you ROCK!

June Recap

June has flown by!  While absent from social media, I have been busy working on many different projects.  Here is what I’m sewing this month.


French seam pillowcases for children in foster care.  You have heard the sad story before.  Children are removed from a family situation.  When instructed to collect a few personal items, if they even have a toothbrush or change of clothes, it goes in a plastic bag.  Social workers give the pillowcases to the children, to give them something of their own.  A small thing that means so much to a child caught up in a world they did not create.

Preparing for the next call for kennel quilts.  Not including holiday fabrics, 122 are done and ready to ship.  All of my donated batting is cut as is “yards” of fabric.  This past week, Logan Quilt Guild  held their annual sale and auction.  One of my goals was to buy as much cat and dog fabric that I could find and I was successful.  This adorable polka dot cat fabric was donated to the guild by the manufacturer.  I might have to keep one of these kennel quilts for my own kitties.


Quilts of Valor.  Three different projects, all using scraps.  Stars, Bricks and Stones and stars I’m playing with made with scraps from other Quilts of Valor.


The Ultimate Scrap Busting Quilt is a work in progress.  It’s on paper right now – both the design and the strips – hope to submit the finished project to Quilters of South Carolina as a class for 2018 Pieceable Retreat.  The current design will require approx 200 blocks.  I am learning that designing a pattern is not an easy task.

There is an embarrassing stack of fabric and blocks sitting on the ironing board in need of pressing.  It’s just too hot and humid to catch up on right now.  In the meantime, I’ll start more projects.