Little Monkey


This is my Little Monkey quilt. When Bonnie Hunter first posted it on Quiltville, I had to stop everything and make this pattern.  Granted, it took longer to be quilted; but, the top was done and it made me happy.  A completely different pattern, Monkey Shines, by Aby Dolinger, is a fun quilt to make.  Maybe it is a fond childhood memory of the Sock Monkey that drives me to make Little Monkey and Monkey Shines.  I’m not certain of that.  I am certain that I love these two patterns.

Quilted by Colley Haynes, Newell, Alabama

Back In The Saddle

DSC_0014 DSC_0016

Two more charity tops finished and ready to turn over to my guild.  This completes my personal goal of 25 charity tops for 2015.  There will certainly be more this year; I just needed to finish what I started for camp last month.  Mosaic Quilt, with added border, is made with the leftovers from the four I have already finished.  And I still have more scraps.  Big Baby is also made with leftovers from the one I made at camp (with a few added fabrics).  Hope to have another top finished tomorrow – my leader and ender project while finishing these two.

Short Absence From Blogging

I would rather be busy sewing or playing in the garden than blogging.  I’m bad and I’m the first to acknowledge that if you have a blog, then blog you must.  Okay, enough excuses.

Last year I made a small star quilt with strings. No sooner did I finish when Quilt magazine published Spring Cleaning, a full-sized version of my little quilt. Of course I had to make it. DSC_0004


Quilted by Colley Haynes, Newell, AL.