Talkin’ Turkey!

Talkin' Turkey

Talkin’ Turkey August 2018

Talkin’ Turkey, from the book String Fling by Bonnie Hunter, is finished.

When you say “Turkey” my mind immediately thinks of fall colors.  Many quilting friends have made this quilt with fabrics of red, yellow, orange, magenta and brown, fall colors.  My scrap bins were overflowing with blue.  The pattern calls for 5 yards of (red) blue scraps; Talkin’ Turkey would certainly put a dent in my collection of blue scraps and strings.  It did not.

This quilt top was pieced as leaders and enders while working on other projects – one of the reasons it took three years to complete.

If you follow instructions in the book, Talkin’ Turkey will finish at 84″ X 97″.  This is too large for my personal use.  Prior to adding pieced string border #3 and flying geese border #4, I decided the finished size of 73″ X 86″ perfect.  Another quilter, working on a scrappy blue quilt, was happy for the gift of borders #3 and #4.  I can’t wait to see how she uses them.

Quilted by Donna Royson.

One thought on “Talkin’ Turkey!

  1. abydolinger says:

    This is a beautiful quilt! It has also been my experience that a making string quilt seems not to put a dent in the scrap bins. Some how those strips and strings multiply. We will never be able to use them all!


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