Happy Ending

Happy Ending, a mystery quilt designed by Aby Dolinger, was the April program at Logan Quilt Guild.

Aby starts the mystery:  “Don’t you love it when a story has a happy ending?  Be it a novel, a theater play, or a movie, there’s something satisfying about a plot that ties up all loose ends in a pleasant way for all the principal characters.  Of course in ever well-written story, there’s some conflict to resolve, some antagonism to overcome, some trials to persevere through, and some mystery to solve.  So it will be with your quilt; persevere in solving mysterious clues to find that “All’s well that ends well!”

A former Logan member, many of us know Aby and have fond memories of her.  We always have a great time with Aby and this class was no exception.  Aby’s daughter, Trinity, was visiting and we were so happy to have her with us participating in the mystery.

After a pot luck lunch we received Clue 4.  “Now comes the fun part!  Lay out the units on a design wall or table and arrange them to please yourself.  There are many ways the units can be arranged and all will result in a Happy Ending for your quilt.”  Even though Aby did share four potential layouts with us, the room was full of creativity.  No two quilts looked alike.  Indecisive about a particular layout, I brought my completed blocks home.

With a lot of uncut fabric remaining, I decided to make more blocks until I ran out of fabric.  This is my finished project.

DSC_0085  Once quilted, this will be donated to one of the charities the Logan Quilt Guild supports.

Thank you Aby for such a fun challenge!