Day 1 at Carolina Charm

A group of quilters checked in to Carolina Charm yesterday.  Except for meals and little sleep, we are here to have fun and sew-sew-sew.

Day One is done.  It takes me a few hours to get my brain in gear for complicated tasks; until that happens, I worked on some scrappy blocks and then finished 41  kennel quilts.

The kennel quilts are just in time.  We received a request today for Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, CA.  If you would like more information on kennel quilts, check out their information page and join the team.



Day 3 of TQPM UFO Challenge


UFO #5, quilting complete on 59 kennel quilts.  These were sewn together prior to the challenge.  Happy to have these done and ready to ship when the next disaster occurs.

If you would like more information on the kennel quilt program or are interested in joining the team of volunteers, click here.

Finished cutting batting for UFO #6 today.  Sewing and quilting will be done another day.  Thanks to Professional Longarm Quilter, Joyce Greer, and her clients for donating their scraps to the kennel quilt initiative.