A Beautiful Day at White Oak

Awoke to a beautiful view of (one of) the lake(s) this morning.  This is the scene right outside my window.  At 7:10 AM the classroom was still empty.  Hmm…..

Our instructor, Donna Royson, is a real taskmaster.  Less than a full day in to her “Quilt As You Go” class and one student has completed, including the binding, her Quilt of Valor.  While the colors may appear pink and lavender, they are red and blue.

This is a great class and I might, just might, quilt some of my own tops.  Yes teacher, I’m sewing.

What do you do with Scraps?

My senior inspector, Catmandu, is testing a prototype cat bed.  It is filled with dog ears (fabric for non-quilters), slivers of batting and other small scraps of fabric.  When you see me combing through the trash this weekend, this is what I’m doing with all those itty-bitty little pieces of fabric and batting.


Bye Bye Bulldogs

20160414_082828Have you ever had the opportunity to drive to Athens, GA, also known as Bulldog Country?  If your starting point is Columbia, SC, you will drive west on Interstate 20.  Other than driving through Lexington Peach Country – where most of the most delicious SC peaches originate, there is nothing else spectacular until exit 138.  It didn’t bother me that this big city girl was following a large piece of farm equipment on a winding two lane rural highway.  It gave me the opportunity to enjoy the scenery.  Farm country.  Rolling hills.  Green fields.  Cows and bulls and horses, oh my!  Beautiful antebellum homes.  Not the route Sherman marched to the sea.

We are a culture where everything needs to happen immediately.  As golfer Walter Hagen said, “You’re only here for a short visit.  Don’t hurry.  Don’t worry.  And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”  And I did.

Scrap Busting In Georgia

Members of Cotton Patch Quilters spent the day turning their scraps in to beautiful quilts.  We have some Quilts of Valor under construction along with quilts for the Charity Bee and a few personal quilts.  Do you have a favorite?

Thank you ladies for a great day!


Ronald McDonald Delivery


So much fun today delivering quilts from members of Logan Lap Quilters to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia.

The never-ending rain is delaying completion of the new Ronald McDonald house.  Opening is scheduled for August.  They continue to appreciate our gifts.

Another Emotional Moment


Janice & Lou (Lucious) Smith


Always a tearful moment when a veteran is recognized for their service.  Thank you Donna Royson for the quilting and to North Springs Home & Garden Club for their support of this project.