Save the Date


It’s a Sew Day for Kennel Quilts!  Everyone is invited.

Saturday, May 7th, 2016 from 1:00 – 6:00 PM

Hobby Lobby, 10258 Two Notch Road, Columbia, 29229 (across from the Village at Sandhill)

The classroom will be open at 12:00 to set up your machine.  Fabric and batting will be provided and at least 100 kennel quilts are cut and ready to sew.

There  a $5.00 per person fee.

More information to follow.

Kennel Quilt & Retaining Wall Update

WOW!  What a whirlwind of a week.

Sadly, more flooding in Louisiana.  Another shelter damaged; another call for help.

I was able to send 36 kennel quilts.  The first 20 were delivered to Monroe, LA, today; 16 more were mailed this morning.  Thanks to help from a guild member, who made and donated 16, I was able to respond immediately.

I have over 100 cut and ready to be sewn.  And I need help.  I am planning a sew day for kennel quilts.  Details will be posted when finalized.

Remember the two huge trash bags of batting Joyce Greer gave me?  Happy to say I am down to the scraps.  Some pieces were stitched together to make the correct size – nothing went to waste.  It’s the end of the week and with “a picture being worth a thousand words” this is my status.


Remember the retaining wall that began washing away last October and continued with each subsequent rain?  My neighbors, Stephen and Ralph, there is a special place in heaven for you.  This is where they are today.


Where else can you find neighbors like this?


DSC_0018In January 2015 I was asked to beta test a mystery pattern designed by Beth Karr.

The mystery would be revealed at Camp Gravatt which served as the inspiration.  Camp Gravatt is known for the thousands of pine trees on the property.

This is my original quilt top, snow covered pine trees.

I did not like the original background fabric and took it apart.  After all this time I have found enough yardage on eBay to finish my UFO.

Could you imagine the stars on the midnight blue fabric as snowflakes?  Upside down it could be 12 dreidels.  Now to press, square up, make a binding and select a backing.  So happy to have this UFO completed.


The not-so-fun part of my days are spent in the yard repairing a retaining wall that was damaged during the October floods.  If the original work had been done correctly, it would not have fallen over.  Estimates were between $5,000 and $10,000 and I did not receive any insurance or FEMA money.  This is a DIY with help from the most wonderful neighbors.  And it will be done correctly this time.

Have you ever constructed a retaining wall?  What suggestions can you give me?

Two Projects’ Status

The first day of Spring and the cold weather is back.  Add a little rain, mix it with tons of pollen and it looks like someone has poured yellow-green paint all over.  One thing for sure, the cold weather and pollen will pass.

Except for a short visit with my neighbor early this morning, I stayed home.

Inventory status on the two bags of batting.  I have opened and started cutting bag #2.  Some time was spent sewing pieces together.  Some pieces are 10″ wide and I need 12.5″.  I stitched a strip on the side which gives me more batting for kennel quilts.  I have an idea for a sew day for kennel quilts; I wonder if people would come?


I spent a lot of time with Catsiopeia.  You would never know she is very sick.  Test results will be in tomorrow and with guidance from Dr. Verbrick, we will go forward.

The second set of instructions for the Barn Dance QAL were released.  I need 37 6″ blocks, 19 block A and 18 blaock B.  Small progress, five blocks done, 14 to go.


If there was a sew day to make kennel quilts in your neighborhood, would you participate?

Have a great week.

The Influence of Karla Alexander

Devine Quilters hosted a trunk show by Karla Alexander last week.  Karla is in SC to serve as keynote speaker at Quilter’s of SC Spring meeting.

You can see quilts from the trunk show on the Devine Quilt Guild blog.

This past week I worked on another scrappy charm square charity quilt.  Rather than leave the quilt as a 5 by 6 block layout, and with the Karla Alexander quilts still in the back of my mind, I spent time making a quirky border.  I’m sure Karla approves.


It’s a learning process.  Have you ever ‘winged it’ with a layout?

More Repairs

All of us vividly remember “The Thousand Year” flood that devastated South Carolina in October 2015.

We are no exception and are still recovering.  We are too high up for water to have come in to the house but the grounds were oversaturated and that is where our damage was.

A few warm days with no rain allowed us to get back to repairing a patio.  One of the two trees that were leaning more and more with each rain were removed.  One of the trees held our original garden gate and a mailbox.  After fixing the steps, a post was installed that holds our novelty items.  We added a solar light to match the ones on the deck.  One day at a time.


What is the warm weather allowing you to do outside?

Easter Egg Hunt This Weekend

My neighborhood has sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt since the first residents moved here 30 years ago.  The long standing tradition continues this weekend.  Residents donate candy and other items to be used as prizes.

A few weeks ago I was asked to show my neighbor’s card group how to make French seam pillowcases.  Perfect timing.  I purchased Easter fabric to use for the demo this evening.  Tomorrow I’ll donate them to be used as prizes.  The kids, I’m certain, would rather have candy; but, the parents will be happy.


Does your neighborhood host events for the children?

My Quilt Guild Sisters Are The Best

DSC_0003Shortly after arriving at my guild meeting today, one of the members handed me 17 completed kennel quilts.

My guild sisters are the best!

I’ll get these packaged and in the mail to one of the shelters in need.

No sewing going on right now.  My focus is on my 10 month-old kitten who is in renal failure.  Catsiopeia is spending the night in the hospital  receiving IV fluids while we await more test results.  I’m not able to focus on much else right now.   Praying tomorrow brings good news.

More Kennel Quilts

DSC_0184Sometimes I feel like the Dunkin Donuts man.  Remember the commercial, “Time to make the doughnuts?”  It was always “Time to make the doughnuts.”

It’s always time to make kennel quilts.  Each one is made with love and attention to detail.  Just because the quilt will go to a homeless animal is no excuse for less than show quality workmanship

This week volunteers received requests for assistance from Petfinder for two more disaster stricken areas.  I am saddened that Louisiana and California are once again being pummeled by flooding.  Haven’t they had enough to last 1,000 years?

I am also saddened that in 2016 we have too many homeless animals.  We are an educated society.  Free and low priced spay and neuter clinics are offered everywhere.  Like Nike says, “JUST DO IT!”

Last night I finished 7 more kennel quilts.  Today I will cut more batting.

Quilt of Valor Presentation


I had the honor and privilege of making and presenting a Quilt of Valor to 30-year Army Veteran Command Sergeant Major James Campbell (Retired) this evening.  As always, it is an emotional event.

Quilted by Donna Royson.