Moon Flowers & Kennel Quilts

Nature has blessed me with another blooming of moon flowers.  I have seed pods from the initial bloom so I thought they were done for the year.  Someone must know how much I love these large, beautiful, fragrant flowers and they are allowing me to enjoy them one more time this season.

Moon flowers are a little mysterious, blooming only late at night.  Sadly, for only one night.  These blooms will be gone in the morning.  I’m not thrilled about going outside late at night; we have coyotes, who, due to urban sprawl, have lost their native habitat.  Taking precautions, lots of noise and lights on, I did venture out for pictures.  Too bad you can’t scratch your screen and smell the delicious fragrance these blooms emit.

DSC_0066Catmandu, my Senior Inspector, has checked and approved 25 kennel quilts for Rescutopia in Baton Rouge, LA.  This box will be mailed tomorrow. This cat has to be in to everything.  I don’t really mind it, he just makes me nervous when I’m sewing.



My day would not be complete with expressing my disgust with Time Warner.  I’m writing this while connected to my Sprint hotspot.  Why, because my network is down, again.  A daily occurrence, usually in the evening, calls to their help line ALWAYS end up with unplugging your modem and router, counting to 30, plugging everything back in and rebooting all of your devices.  ALWAYS.  And it’s not working.  And it’s NEVER a problem on their end.  NEVER.

I would change ISPs except when I queried my friends, they have the same issues with whomever they are doing business with.

Hope you had a happy August.


World’s Worst Blogger

It’s me.

I would really rather be sewing.  It is difficult for me not to do something sewing related every single day.  Writing is a bit of a challenge for me.  I have to be ‘in the mood’ to write.  I do a lot of writing in my head.  Then I get busy sewing and when it comes time to write, I can’t find that mental material.

With only a few hours remaining in August, I have stepped away from the rotary cutter and sewing machine and am trying to get blogging back in to my daily routine.  Trying.

If you have seen my personal Facebook postings or those on the TQPM Kennel Quilts page, you will see I’ve finished about 200 this month.  There being no immediate disasters, I was able to make quilts for Walter Crowe Animal Shelter, a local shelter in Camden, SC.  No sooner were they delivered when the rain and flooding hit Louisiana.  I’ve sent 50 to help them out and have another 28 finished, ready to mail.

I spent the last months taking care of my beloved kitten, Catseopeia.  She was not expected to live as long as she did; daily medical attention allowed her to finish her personal bucket list before she crossed The Rainbow Bridge on August 17th.


In September I get to be the student and attend a quilt retreat.  In October I become the Teacher at Quilters of South Carolina Fall Retreat at White Oak.  Two events I am really looking forward to.

If you find me absent in September, there is another big project I am working on.  Quilts of Valor.  With help from my friends, I will wrap 12 Veterans at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery in early October.  All of the caretakers are Veterans.  With between 15 and 19 funerals a day, this is not an emotionally easy job.  So far seven quilts have been donated – I’m still five short.  The 12 Veterans do not know anything about this and we hope to surprise all of them.  Plans are also underway for an Honor Guard and, fingers crossed, local news coverage.  You might see me on the Nightly News!

Three of the donated Quilts of Valor