The South Carolina Sin Tax

South Carolina is a quirky state.  The new “Sin Tax” on hybrid vehicles became effective January 1st, 2018.  An idea of (the worst Governor ever) McMaster to raise funds for road repairs.  Based on the premise that hybrid vehicles use less gas and pay less gas tax, we should be penalized and pay more than a gas only vehicle.

There is no car inspection requirement in SC.  Broken windshield, no bumpers, burning oil and smoke spewing vehicles, you are welcome here.  And you can request an exemption and pay a reduced personal property tax.  If you watch Live PD, it’s clear that a driver’s license is an option too.

Those of us who care about clean air and don’t want our grandchildren to have to wear a gas mask to go outside and play, we pay an additional tax for road repairs, yea, right, more money for the state to mismanage.

Most states charge a reduced amount; some states completely waive taxes on hybrid vehicles.  Other states allow you to use the HOV lane with only one occupant, if you are driving a hybrid vehicle.  Not SC, where they penalize you.

Most people will say, “If you don’t like it, move.”  And you are absolutely right.  Since I kind of sort of like some other things this quirky state offers, what I am going to do is exercise my displeasure when I vote in November.