Windows 10, You Are NOT My Friend!

It started last week.  The updates.  My Surface Pro tablet would be downloading and updating and since I am inpatient, I pulled out my Toshiba laptop.  Except the laptop was doing the same thing.

And like the “Junk Mail” episode of Seinfeld, you can’t stop the windows updates.  Geek Squad explained it to me; I’m unable to repeat the technical explanation; but, bottom line, updates are going to happen and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

All week, every time I went to my tablet or laptop it was running or restarting updates.  Fortunately I have a few devices referred to as “Old technology” that don’t have Windows 10 and I was able to stay connected with the iPad and Surface 3.

Friday arrived and it appeared the updates and restarts had stopped.  Hooray, we are back in business.  Except both devices were frozen in some nether world.  I spent the weekend googling everything I could about this issue – oddly, there are thousands of us in this same situation – and nothing worked.

Yesterday I went to my friends, The Geek Squad.  They have performed miracles before and surely they could again.

About an hour after leaving my Surface, Troy called with the good news/bad news scenario.  Good news, they could refund my money because there was absolutely NOTHING on my tablet.  Nothing to troubleshoot because every document, video, picture, song, album, every memory was gone.  It had less on it than when it was purchased new out of the box.

I couldn’t stop crying and left my guild meeting.  I went home, collected myself and the Toshiba and drove over to Geek Squad.

In between the tears I set up my email and started adding back the programs, printers and deleting /uninstalling the ones Windows wants me to have that I do not want.

On the good side.  Years ago my son had me set up a Dropbox account.  I never use it but my pictures were saving a copy there.  As soon as I added Dropbox, all these photos started to populate.  Then there was a cloud based program that I think we used for Stephen and Lyn’s wedding photos that popped up – more pictures.  Then my Samsung phone was ‘refreshing’ photos to my tablet.  I was so happy!

I still have to add the Microsoft Office products and I’m optimistic that all of my documents saved somewhere and will come back to me too.

If I am ever in a position to purchase another electronic device, it will NOT be Windows OS.