The Beauty of Nature

One of my moon flowers opened 12 blooms last night.


This particular plant is amazing.  It started the year as a seedling, no larger than your pinkie finger, from the “mother” plant.  I wasn’t sure if the seedling would survive in this newly constructed plant bed.  The child has surpassed the parent, just as it should be.  The “mother” plant is full of buds but has yet to open its first bloom this season.

Each night I look forward to see how many more blooms will open.  The moon flower only blooms at night and only lasts one night.  In order to photograph them, be prepared for a possible encounter with lizards, toads and slugs, oh my!


Hummingbirds amaze me.  One of my feeders attaches to the exterior of a window.  If my cats are watching when a hummingbird stops for nectar, (1 part sugar to 4 parts water) it offers them a small amount of entertainment.  I run for the camera.

This ruby-throated hummingbird stopped by today.  I wonder if the birds talk about the crazy sights they see through the glass.




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